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Then Vice President Joe Biden in Baghdad in 2016 (Photo credit: Executive Office of the President of the United States. Via Wikimedia Commons)

I am not a big fan of internet memes, but a few days before the U.S. elections I came across one on my social media feed that was brilliant. The post juxtaposed two identical images of a fighter plane dropping bombs, with one image captioned “Republicans” and the one next to it captioned “Democrats.”

The only distinction between the two: the the latter plane had an LGBTQ rainbow flag on its rudder, while a Black Lives Matter logo in the style of the black and white “Parental Advisory” label and the words. …

Timo Al-Farooq

Journalist from the gentrified wastelands of Berlin, the capital of the Merkelian Postdemocratic Republic. Based in London.

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